Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Nicholas Cage plays an MIT professor struggling with life as a widower and a single parent. Questioning his purpose in life, he has a tendency to lose focus. In one case, he nearly misses his son singing at an elementary school activity.

The school is celebrating the opening of a time capsule sealed 50 years ago and contains letters from students about the future. One letter appears written without rhyme nor reason; it has numbers scrawled across the page.

Somehow Nicholas comes across the letter and accidentally stumbles across its meaning. The numbers represent dates of disasters that have occured over the past 50 years with the exception of three dates. Dates that have not occured but are fast approaching.

Safe first date movie. Good storyline with some corniness at the end. Not sure why it beat out "I Love You Man" this past weekend. Given a choice, would go to "I Love You Man" over "Knowing".-JM

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