Monday, May 24, 2004

Movie Review - "Last Samurai"

... is historical movie starring Tom Cruise as a military advisor to Japan. His assignment focuses on modernizing Japan's military and training its soldiers in modern war.

Ill-preprared to take on the warlord class of Samurai, Tom is ordered to engage them. In the ensuing battle, Tom is captured but his life is spared because of the ferocity he showed in battle.

As a captive of the Samurai, he recovers from his wounds, learns to speak their language, and trains in the ways of the Samurai. Ultimately, he becomes an ally of the Samurai.

Great movie with lots of action. Enjoy the scenery and the martial arts. Check it out.

Movie Review - "Calendar Girls"

... is a true story about a group of women from a small town in Great Britain. They are members of the Womens' Institute, an organization that seeks to provide for the enlightment and education of its members.

Tragedy strikes one of their members; her husband dies of leukemia. As a memory to her husband, the group conspires to make a few "pounds" to purchase a chair or sofa for the hospital where the husband died. They decide on spicing up their annaul calendar by posing in the buff.

Good movie made even more interesting with women acting "guite randy" in their antics to make the calendar.

Movie Review - "Miracle"

... movie with Kurt Russel as the coach of the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team.

Although the outcome is predictable, Kurt's performance provides more depth to the personality of the team and its preparations against the Russians.

Check it out some time.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Bonus Review not yet avaible on DVD - "Van Helsing"

... is a movie that expands upon the Dracula myth. A good versus evil story that brings in Frankenstien and the Werewolf in the battle against vampires.

Graphic violence abound throughout "120 plus" minutes of action. But, if you like action and visual effects, check it out before it comes out on DVD.

Movie Review - "Chasing Liberty"

... coming of age flick about a teenager played by Mandie Moore but with a twist. She is the President's daughter.

Wanting to break-away from her parents, she seeks freedom and liberty to do what she wishes without the Secret Service or her parents looking over her shoulder.

After a successful get away from her protectors, she begins a trip to the Love Festival in Berlin. She befriends a young photographer and together they journey to Berlin.

But, the handsome young photographer is really someone else ....

Give it a chance and rent it sometime. It is a first date movie, so there is nothing to scare away your date.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Movie Review - "Love Actually"

... another comedy that involves a group of people who are somehow linked to one another. Sort of a love triangle but replace the triangle with an octagon.

Hugh Grant plays the British Prime Minister. There are others that I recall but cannot name off-hand. Regardless, the fame of the actors and actresses are less important than the role they play.

It is a nice "first date movie". Watch it at some point.

Movie Review - "Stuck on You"

... a comedy about two siamese twins with opposite personalities. Starring Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon, the movie takes you through the trials and tribulations when they attempt to expand their world.

I liked the movie, more slapstick than anything else. But, as a guy, I enjoyed the movie. Watch it on a rainy day.

Movie Review - "Big Fish"

... a fantasy / comedy with Ewan McGregor as a father with an ability to stretch the truth. His son believes the tall tales as a child but eventually "grows-up" to be a skeptical adult.

A great "feel-good" movie and definite first-date movie. Watch it when you get a chance as there is some bit of truth in the stories.

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