Saturday, December 29, 2007

Movie Review - "Atonement"

… tragic story with Keira Knightley and James McAvoy as lovers torn apart by a lie.  A lie perpetuated by Keira's younger sister.  Once you get past the multiple flashbacks, the story keeps one's interest.  Definite first date movie but would wait to watch once released on DVD. - JM

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Movie Review - "The Kingdom"

… action movie with Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper, Jennifer Garner, and Jason Bateman play FBI agents sent to Saudi Arabia to find a killer.  Consider a safe first date movie.  Check it out sometime.  - JM

Movie Review - "Once"

… movie about two musicians, who get together to write songs.  One is a street musician; the other works as a keyboardist.  Their efforts lead to romance despite their differences.  Check it out sometime; consider it a safe first date movie. -JM

Friday, December 21, 2007

Movie Review - "National Treasure: The Book of Secrets"

… sequel to National Treasure with Nicholas Cage as Dr. Benjamin Franklin Gates, historian and treasure hunter.  Safe bet for a first date movie with an interesting storyline that keeps you watching.   Enjoyed the movie; just plan for another movie in this franchise based on the President's comment about Page 47 in the Book of Secrets.  Check it out; you won't go wrong. -JM

Movie Review - "Superbad"

… comedy about three high school nerds trying to make an impact on the female persuasion as they closeout their senior year. First point, would not recommend it as a first date movie. Second point, unrated version has a lot of explicit language. Third point, could not stop laughing once "Mclovin" and his Cop friends came into the picture. Bottom-line: Movie is not safe for a budding relationship/first date. It is funny for those who are comfortable in their current relationship. -JM

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Movie Review - "I Am Legend"

... drama with Will Smith as a doctor trying to find a cure for a virus that killed billions of people. Isolated in New York, he lives off the "land" in order to conduct research that may someday save what is left of humanity.

Slow start but picks up as the movie progresses. The ending is a let down leaving viewers wondering if the movie is done. Wait to rent the DVD versus watching on the big screen. -JM

Friday, December 14, 2007

Movie Review - "Waitress"

… movie with Keri Russell as Jenna, a small town waitress, caught in a loveless marriage.  Trying to runaway she saves money to enter a Pie Contest that will net her $25,000.  Story is okay with a slight twist in the end but nothing earth shattering.

Save this one for a rainy day when you can't find anything else at the rental store.  Would consider this a safe first-date movie but Guys, be prepared to fight yawning! - JM

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Movie Review - "Enchanted"

... Disney movie about a young maiden who finds her Prince Charming with a twist. The movie starts in animation but shifts to normal film once the young maiden is thrown into a well by her evil step-mother prior to her wedding the handsome prince!

Fun to watch with enough laughs to keep me chuckling. Harmless first-date movie for a budding relationship. - JM

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