Monday, March 27, 2006

Movie Review - "Zanthura"

… a "Jumangi-like" movie with a space-theme.  Kids are playing a board game that forces them into wild adventures and life-threatening situations in outer space instead of the jungle.  Somehow everything works out for the better.  Harmless first-date movie.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Movie Review - "Two For One"

… a drama with Matthew MaConaughey and Al Pacino.  Matt is a former college football star who knows the game and can pick winners.  Al is a businessman who manages a sports betting service.

Al Pacino finds Matt working in Las Vegas as a "1-900" customer service representative.  He offers Matt a chance to join his company.  Matt accepts.

Mixed thoughts on this one but still a safe first-date movie.  Give it a chance on the next rainy day weekend.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Movie Review - "Failure to Launch"

... a comedy with Matthew MaConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker. Matthew is a 35 year old bachelor who chooses to live at home with his parents played by Terry Bradshaw and Jessica Bates.

Matthew's parents hire Sarah, a professional self-esteem expert, to "urge" Matthew to move out and live on his own. Unfortunately, love is in the air.

Funny movie that is a safe-haven for a budding relationship. A new release that premiered this weekend, so check it out on your next first-date!

Movie Review - "Walk the Line"

... a bio-drama about singer Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter. Joaquin Pheonix plays Johnny. Reese Witherspoon is June.

The film takes viewers through the troubled singer's early struggles in life, his rise to fame and fortune, and the personal issues that lead to his downward fall with drugs.

A good movie to watch. Like the singer and like Joaquin's portrayal of the "Man in Black". Check it out some time.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Movie Review - "Weatherman"

... pseudo-comedy / situational film with Nicholas Cage and Michael Caine. Nicholas is the weatherman for a Chicago news channel dealing with issues.

People hate him, his family is falling apart, and his career is taking-off.

Wait for a rainy daay to see this one. Don't try it as a first-date move.

Movie Review - "Elizabeth Town"

...  a situational drama with Susan Sarandon, Orlando Bloom, and Kirsten Dunst. Susan's husband dies while visiting relatives in Elizabeth Town.  Orlando is the young son who has to keep the family together throughout the crisis.  Kirsten is a flight attendant who meets Orlando on his flight to Elizabeth Town.
The problem is Orlando's own life is falling apart; he loses almost $1B on a running shoe he designed.
Long film but should consider as a first-date movie because the ending will benefit a budding relationship.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Movie Review - "The Man"

... comedy with Samuel Jackson and Eugene Levy (Dad from American Pie). 
Samuel Jackson plays an ATF Agent; Eugene Levy is a dental supply salesman.  They meet when an undercover operation goes awry, and somehow become partners in an illegal gun running sting.
Funny scenes and banter between the two lead actors.  Fine for a first-date movie but would save it for a rainy weekend.

Movie Review - "Red Eye"

... action-drama with Rachel MacAdams and Cillian Murhpy.  Rachel is on the red eye from Dallas to Miami.  She has to deal with airline delays, pushy passengers, and a terrorist played by Cillian.
The ending is not a surprise but had enough scenes to keep me interested.  Overall a safe first-date movie.

Movie Review - "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"

... action-comedy with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  They play a married couple who really don't know each other that well.
Brad is a hitman; Angelina is a hitwoman.  They don't know it but they have been hired to kill the other.
Great first-date movie because its message is marriage is not the end of the world.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Movie Review - "March of the Penguins"

… a must see first-date movie.  Viewers will enjoy this one.  So, if you missed it at the theater. You are in luck.  It is out on DVD.

First-Choice Movie Rental according to our guest movie critic!

Movie Review - "The Secretary"

… a movie with James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhall.  Maggie plays a Temp who likes pain.  James is her boss who "punishes" her when she makes typos.

Interesting, different, a must see for the discriminating gentleman.  But, don't recommend as a first-date movie.

Movie Review - "Munich"

… action-drama that follows the Israeli Mossad, their efforts to track-down and kill the Munich Olympics' terrorists, and the emotional drain the mission has on the assassination team.

Dark settings, explosions, and "James Bond" style killings run rampant throughout the film.  It is a lengthy movie that pulls the viewer into the situation. 

I enjoyed the movie but watched it without my significant other.

Movie Review - "The Exorcism of Emily Rose"

… scary movie that I would save for a first-date that prefers to be scared out of his/her wits.

See it but stay close to one another.

Movie Review - "Match Point"

... a Woody Allen movie that did not feel like a "Woody Allen" movie; Scarlett Johannsen plays the other woman in this drama set in England.

I would saĆ½ more about the film but prefer others to give it a look. It is not bad for the first date movie-goer.

Worth a look but I am biased as a die-hard Scarlett fan!

Movie Review - "In Good Company"

... a movie with Topher Grace, Dennis Quaid, and Scarlett Johanssen. Coming of age drama about a young businessman and an old corporate veteran.

Things start out rough with Dennis working for Topher. They get worse when Dennis' daughter,  Scarlett, has a fling with Topher.

Worth a look. Check it out when you get the opportunity.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Movie Review - "The Last Place On Earth"

... a movie with Tisha Campbell Martin.  A handsome man meets Tisha while on a quest to scatter his mother's ashes in the Sierra's.  They fall for each other and a relationship blossoms despite a terminal illness that they must face.
Watery eyes for some; stiff upper lip for others.  Nevertheless, safe ground for you first-date movie goers.

Movie Review - "Flight Plan"

... is a drama with Jodie Foster as an aeronautical engineer on her way home from Germany to bury her husband. Losing her daughter while the flight is airborne, she must battle passengers, flight crew, and a reluctant air marshall to locate her daughter. Lots of action with a decent plot.

Check it out when you get an opportunity! You and your significant other should have a great time philosophizing over the movie's situations over an espresso at Starbucks.

Movie Review - "The Pink Panther"

... is a remake of the classic 60's movie with Kevin Kline playing the Commissioner, Steve Martin as Inspector Cleauseau, and Jean Reno as his sidekick "Ju Ju".

Lots of laughs with a gut busting scene with Beyonce Knowles at a music recording session. Did not want to see it but was dragged to theater by the family. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised.

Check it out sometime. Your relationship will not suffer.

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