Sunday, March 23, 2008

Movie Review - "Death at a Funeral"

... another movie that fits the Independent Film Channel and Sundance. Hilarious comedy with an outstanding cast.

Set in a country manor in Britain, family and friends get together for the patriarch's funeral. Unfortunately, Father has another side that no one knew about.

Check this one out first chance you get. You won't be disappointed.

Movie Review - "Darjeeling Limited"

... movie that fits well on the Independent Film Channel (IFC) and Sundance. Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, and Jason Schwartzman play three brothers on a trip to India. Owen is the oldest brother and is the driving force in getting them together to find their mother, a nun in convent in the Himalayas.

Entertaining movie if you enjoy independent films. Would not say it is an Oscar Winner but it kept me watching to see the end. If you don't like IFC or Sundance movie's, then stay away.

Movie was rated with 4 Stars by the LA Daily News. More like 2 Stars just because I liked the cast.

FYI - The DVD contains a movie short at the beginning titled "Hotel Chevalier" It has Jason Schwartzman and Natalie Portman as troubled lovers meeting in a hotel in Paris. The short sets the tone for the whole movie.

Movie Review - "The Seeker"

... fantasy movie that pits Good against Evil. Will Stanton is a young teenager who discovers that he has powers to find "Signs" needed by Good to keep Evil in check. As the seventh son of a seventh son, Will is "The Seeker" tasked with finding five "Signs" that will give him power to fight Evil.

Slow movie with an expected outcome - Good overcomes Evil. I would save this one for a rainy day to rent.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Movie Review - "In the Valley of Elah"

... movie with Tommy Lee Jones and Charlize Theron. Tommy is a retired Army CID Agent; Charlize is a Police Detective. The two partner together to investigate the murder of Tommy's son - a soldier recently returned from Iraq.

Good movie that kept viewers' interested. Even better that the movie is based on true events. Check it out some time; just be aware that the son's death was a violent one. -JM

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Movie Review - "Gone Baby Gone"

... drama with Casey Affleck, Ed Harris, and Morgan Freeman. Casey is a private investigator hired to find a kidnapped child. Ed is a Police detective leading the search for the child. Morgan is a police Captain who assists Casey and Ed in their efforts to find the child. He is also emotionally attached to the situation having lost a child of his own.

A little slow to start but a good movie overall. Watch the story as it unflolds and see if you can figure out the ploy before the movie's end! -JM

Friday, March 07, 2008

Movie Review - "Awake"

... thriller that caps on a rare but real occurrence known as "anesthetic awareness" where patients are under anesthesia but remain conscious.  They feel pain and hear everything around them but cannot voice their pain as they are paralyzed.  
Hayden Christensen plays a billionaire investor who is smart and young but has a weak heart.  Jessica Alba is an executive assistant who works for Hayden's mother.  Terrence Howard is the doctor who will conduct a heart transplant for Hayden once a donor is identified.
Once you get through the surgical scenes, the story keeps viewers interested and includes a few unexpected surprises.  Good movie, check it out some time. -JM

Movie Review - "Becoming Jane"

... movie about Jane Austen and her romance with a penniless man which inspired her writing.  Anne Hathaway plays Jane Austen; James McAvoy is her love.  Slow starting movie that picks up slightly as the story progresses.  Safe first date movie but would wait for a rainy day to rent this one. -JM

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Movie Review - "American Gangster"

... drama with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. Denzel plays Frank Lucas, infamous drug kingpin operating in New York City during the late 60's and early 70's. Russell is Richie Roberts, an honest cop determined at breaking the drug traffic problem.

Although you know that Denzel will eventually be caught, the story keeps viewers interested. Good movie especially for a true story. Check it out and rent it some time. -JM

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