Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Movie Review - "Game Plan"

… fun movie with Dewayne "The Rock" Johnson playing a football star quarterback.  After an outstanding season and into the post-season, the Rock is bound for fame and glory with a sure win at the Championship Game!  Only he finds out that he is not a single-man but a Daddy who must cope with the new responsibility while preparing for the big game.  Fun movie to watch; I did not wait to rent it choosing to see it at the theater.  Check it out; it is a safe bet for a first-date movie. - JM

Movie Review - "We Are Marshall"

… movie about a small university in West Virginia and its struggles to rebuild the football program.  After losing the team, its staff, and support personnel from a plane crash,  Marshall University and its townsfolk work together to triumph over tragedy. Matthew McConaughey does a great job playing an eccentric but impressionable football coach.  Inspiring movie.  Check it out sometime.  - JM

Movie Review - "Next"

… drama with Nicholas Cage and Jennifer Biels.  Nicholas can see the future.  That is, he can see what will happen in the next two minutes as long as it affects him directly.  This is the norm for him until he sees Jennifer in his premonitions. His ability to see the future becomes much longer than the next two minutes.

Sounds like a boy meets girl movie except there is a twist that involves the FBI, Terrorist, and a Nuclear Bomb!  Check it out and find out what the storyline is about.  It is worth a rental.

- JM

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