Monday, September 24, 2007

Movie Review - "You Kill Me"

… dark comedy with Ben Kingsley, Luke Wilson, and Tia Leoni.  Ben is an alcoholic hit man with a drinking problem.  Sent away for rehab he joins an AA group.  Luke becomes his sponsor.  Tia and Ben meet at his part-time job - a helper for a funeral home.  Funny movie that keeps you watching.  Enjoyed it. - JM

Movie Review - "Perfume"

… drama set in pre-revolution France about a man with an acute sense of smell.  From a terrible childhood to indentured servitude, the man is driven to collect all smells.  Not a gory movie but one that keeps you watching based on the storyline.  Good movie; ending could use more but still worth a rental. - JM

Monday, September 10, 2007

Movie Review - "Darwin Awards"

… movie with Joseph Feinnes and Wynona Ryder.  Detective who faints at the sight of blood is fired; seeks employment with an insurance company.  He is partnered with Wynona playing an insurance adjuster.  Together they investigate accidents that could be considered for the Darwin Awards Competition.  Good story.  Check it out some time! -JM

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