Monday, May 08, 2006

Movie Review - "RV"

… a comedy with Robin Williams.  Robin is the loving husband and father who must deal with balancing family and work.  Unable to postpone a planned vacation, he finds a way to accomplish both.  He rents a RV and takes his family on a road trip vacation to Colorado where his company is meeting with clients.

Funny moments that keep you interested.  Another harmless first-date movie.

Movie Review - "Casanova"

… comedy about the Italian legend - Casanova.  Heath Ledger plays Casanova, lover of women and life.  Nothing new or exciting about this one.  Save for a rainy day.  Harmless first-date movie.

Movie Review - "Fun with Dick and Jane"

… comedy about a couple dealing with corporate lay-offs.  Jim Carey and Tea Leoni are husband and wife.  Alec Baldwin is the CEO of Globaldyne, the company where Jim works.  Jim gets a promotion as VP of Corporate Communications; the next day the company goes under with Jim and others holding the bag.  Alec Baldwin slips away with over $400M.

Jim and Tea deal with unemployment by breaking the law and stealing.  However, eventually set things straight in a slight of hand move that proves beneficial to the Globaldyne's former employees.  Check it out sometime.  Another first-date movie.

Product Review - "Prime"

… situational comedy with Uma Thurman and Meryl Streep.  Uma is a divorcee in her late thirties dating her therapist's twenty-three year old son.  Meryl Streep is Uma's therapist and the mother of her boyfriend.  The movie revolves around a mother's jealousy, client-patient ethics, and a relationship with an older woman.

Save for a rainy day…

Movie Review - "Pride and Prejudice"

… remake of an old classic with Kiera Knightley.  Follows along the lines of the Jane Austen style novel.  Save for a rainy day that fits the first-date category.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Movie Review - "Rumor Has It"

… a comedy with Jennifer Aniston, Mark Rafalo, Shirley McClaine, and Kevin Costner.  Jennifer and Mark are engaged and must deal with pre-wedding jitters.  Shirley is Jennifer's grandmother; Kevin is an old boyfriend of Jennifer's mother.  Somehow Grandmother, Mother, and Daughter all have something in common!

Harmless first-date movie.  Save this one for a rainy weekend.

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