Saturday, December 22, 2012

Been a While But.... "Kinky Boots"

Been a while since posting.  Have watched movies; just not seen any that I wanted to write about since my last post.  In other words, "Expendables 2", "Savages", "Hannah", "Ted",... are not first date movies.  Moreover, the prequel of the Hobbit has me bummed because they broke it out into a trilogy... go figure!

Then, while channel surfing this morning stopped by the Indie Channel to see what was showing. It was a British film titled, "Kinky Boots".  Not knowing what was in store given the title (i.e. thoughts of the "Crying Game"), decided to take the bold step and watch it.

Good thing... this one easily makes the first date move rating!.. Check it out when you get a chance, not going into detail about it other than it has restored my faith that good movies are still being made.

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