Monday, May 21, 2007

Movie Review - "Night At The Museum"

--- movie with Ben Stiller and Robin Williams.  Ben is a divorced Father who needs to take a steady job to retain visitation rights for his son.  He takes a job as a Night Watchman at the NY Museum of Natural History.  But, he finds out the job is more than maintaining security!  Things come alive at night!

Another good for a rainy day movie.  Once you get over the embedded "Why can’t we all get along" message, it is an entertaining movie.

- JM

Movie Review - "Sentinel"

--- drama with Michael Douglas and Keifer Sutherland as Secret Service Agents.  Assigned to protect the President and the First Lady, they must battle with terrorist plotting to kill the President while dealing with their own troubled personal/professional relationship.

Kept me interested; should be a good for a rainy day.  Give it a chance!

- JM

Monday, May 14, 2007

Movie Review - "Spiderman 3"

… Marvel Comic's characters return for episode 3 of the Spiderman franchise.  Long but entertaining once you get through old storylines and Hollywood's tendency to squeeze as much revenue as it can from a successful movie "chain".  Check it out some time.

PS.  Bourne Ultimatum is due 3 August; save a seat for this one.  This is a movie franchise that I don't mind watching.

- JM

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