Tuesday, March 02, 2010

"Hamlet 2"

... comedy about a 'less than famous" actor Dana Marschz, played by Steve Coogan.  Dana has placed his acting career on hold and is working as a drama teacher for a High School in Tucson.  Dana writes and produces stage versions of popular movies that are not very good.  Things don't seem to be going his way.  More so, when he is told the Drama Class is cancelled due to budget cuts.  So, to call attention to the Class, he writes an zany original play called Hamlet 2.
Funny movie once you get past the profanity and Jesus-references.  Hold off as a first-date movie though, let's not push the profanity and Jesus-references so early in a relationship.  Check it out later some time, you should get a chuckle or two!

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