Sunday, June 17, 2018


Just finished watching the Tag movie at the theater. Movie about a group of guys playing tag into adulthood. Funny movie; really liked it. Liked it even more knowing it is based on a true story! See more on IMDB.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Another in the Star Wars franchise is Solo... to bring in Hans Solo's character. Not a big Star Wars fan but did like this one. Glad to have watched it at the movies instead of rented it. Do check it out! For more see IMDB

Saturday, June 09, 2018


True story that has a young couple lost at sea with no power... adrift! While crossing the ocean delivering a sailboat for an elderly couple, a hurricane crosses the young couple's path, damaging the sailboat... no engine, no sails... save for a makeshift jib.

Good movie with some interesting things to observer while the couple... more the woman than man, deal with survival at sea! The man is injured and unable to assist. Do check it out; for more see IMDB.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Dead Pool 2 #deadpool

Saw the first one liked it; saw the second one liked it, too. Ryan Reynolds and his one liners were hilarious. Add the ending credit scene, and all things come together...including the Green Lantern mistake! LOL!

While there, had to have a Waffle Cone Gelato!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Life of the Party

Movie with Melissa McCarthy as a Mom who goes back to college to complete here degree after her husband divorces her. She goes back to the same college she dropped out of after her daughter was born. Turns out it's the same college her daughter is enrolled in!

Funny moments, and a little twist and turns to keep you entertained. Would hold as a first date movie for two reasons... divorce for a budding relationship may not be good message and overall, felt it was more a rental for a rainy day, then one to see in theaters.

For more, see it at IMDB.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Avengers - Infinity War #avengers #marvelcomics

Checked out The Avengers - Infinity War. Long movie but still good if you are a franchise fan of the Avengers. Lots of twists and turns and heroes dying... that said, there are movies planned for the future, so don't think they are all dead, yet.  Plus, the comment made by Dr. Strangelove hints towards an explanation of what happened in this movie. Bottom-line: If you are a Marvel Fan, all is well.  If not, then okay to wait for the DVD.

PS: There is a short-snippet at the end... the very end, of the credits.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Commuter

Liam Neeson as an ex-cop turned Insurance Salesman who gets fired. On his way home, he is offered an opportunity to makes some money... find someone on the train and kill them. Good movie but had some slow spots.

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