Sunday, February 12, 2012


Richard Gere and Topher Grace play a retired CIA Agent and an FBI Agent, respectively.  They are teamed together to find "Cassius" - a Russian Hitman/Agent, that has come out of hiding and killed an US Senator. 

Richard was responsible for tracking down Cassius' team of assassins.  He succeeded in neutralizing them except for Cassius. Now retired, he is satisfied with leaving things "as is".  Topher is a young FBI Agent who earned a Master's Degree writing a thesis on Cassius' exploits.  Now that he has resurfaced what better team to assign the case than Richard and Topher!

Hold as a first date movie as the movie drags a little at times; let's not start a first date with moments that drag along... hint, hint, hint.  But, do check it out.  Was entertained and enjoyed the twists and turns of the plot.

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