Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Despicable Me"

Animated movie with Steve Carrel playing the evil villain Gru.  On a quest to steal the moon, Gru concocts a plan:
  • Steal a Shrinking Gun,
  • Fly to the moon in a rocket
  • Shrink the moon
  • And then, ransom it for money.
Things start out well when he steals the Shrinking Gun; however, he soon loses it to a rival villain named Vector!  To steal it back, Gru enlists three orphaned girls who sell cookies.... Cookies that Vector likes!
Funny movie that the kids will like.  Enjoyed the storyline, really liked the "Minions", and the girls' characters play well against Gru's evilness.  Safe first date movie.  Just be ready to watch in a theater with lots of children.

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