Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Law Abiding Citizen"

... Drama about a plea-bargain agreement that sets a killer free.  Stars Jamie Foxx as Assistant DA Nick Rice and Gerard Butler as the vengeful victim Clyde Shelton.  Clyde and his family are attacked in their house by two thugs.  One thug brutally rapes and kills Clyde's wife, then kills his daughter. Later, they are caught and tried; the killer/rapist goes to jail for 5 years, his accomplice is sentenced to death.  Clyde learns of this and decides to make things right - especially with his background...!
Good movie, liked the victim's manipulation and detailed planning to act his revenge to make things right!  Hold as a first date movie but definitely check this one out.  Look for a more light-hearted comedy before bringing this one in.

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