Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Up In the Air"

... movie with George Clooney as "corporate downsizer" Ryan Bingham, Vera Farmiga as Ryan's acquaintance Alex Goran, Anna Kendrick as his business peer Natalie Keener, and Jason Bateman as Ryan's and Natalie's boss Craig Gregory.
Ryan Bingham is on the road a lot, logging over 250k miles a year.  His job is to fire people.  He does it well.  So much so, that he has amassed a significant amount of frequent flyer miles and is well on his way to the magic goal of 10 million miles.  Only 6 others have reached that goal, he will make every effort to be number 7!  Things seem to be going okay for Ryan, more so when he meets a Alex Goran, a female version of him, that he gets along with.  However, Ryan's plans are sidestepped when hotshot Cornell graduate Natalie Keener proposes and gets buy in to rollout a new business model - firing people over the internet using a video teleconference!
Not a bad movie but would hold off as a first date one, mainly because of the non-committal character that George plays in this movie.  Do check it out, was entertaining!

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