Friday, March 19, 2010

"Purple Violets"

... movie with Selma Blair, Edward Burns, Debra Messing, and Patrick Wilson.  The four were once close college friends but years later they lose touch with their mates.  Selma is Patti Petalson and is coupled with Patrick playing popular writer Brian Callahan.  Debra Messing is Kate Scott, Selma's best friend.  Edward Burns is Michael Murphy (or the "Murph"), Brian's lawyer and best friend and once was Kate's boyfriend. In a chance meeting while having dinner at restaurant, they meet and what follows is the rekindling of second chance love!
A chick flick movie that may squeak by as a first date one.  Only because (spoiler...) the couples get together for the long term.  More an IFC style movie than a main stream movie.  Still, enjoyed the way things played out.

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