Saturday, March 06, 2010


... movie about a woman who finds out she has a tumor and only has two months to live.  Soon after finding out about the tumor, she loses her job and is given 4 weeks severance pay.  With little time left to live, she uses her severance pay to rent a penthouse loft and goes on a spending spree using her credit cards to make purchases over the telephone.  One purchase is a guitar that she does not know how to play but is motivated to learn.  Alone at first, she manages to sulk in the "buff" for a while.  However, she soon becomes friends with the girl that deliver pizza and the man that delivers packages of things she ordered.  Yada, yada, yada,... love and sex results with pizza girl, with delivery guy,.... yada, yada, yada,... ménage' trios' ensues,.... yada, yada, yada,... epiphany results.  Won't say more other than she lives!
Would hold off on this movie for a first date, main reason are in the "buff" moments.  Else, liked the ending.

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