Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Nomad: The Warrior"

... movie that looks back to Mongolia and the tribal conflict between two tribes - the Jungar and Kazakh. Prophecy describes a descendant of Genghis Khan will unite the Kazakh and defeat the Jungar. Oraz the Wise, played by Jason Scott Lee, searches for the child (named Erali) who will fulfill the prophecy, finds the infant, and vows to protect him from the Jungar. As time passes, Oraz recruits boys - to include Erali, from each Kazakh tribe and schools them in the art of war. The two best are Erali and his best friend Mansur. Things appear to on the right path to fulfilling prophecy but both Erali and Mansur fall in love with the same woman!

Wait on this one; it is not a first date movie. For those who don't like subtitles, more reason to skip this movie completely!

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