Friday, February 19, 2010

"Meet Bill"

... movie with Aaron Eckhart and Elizabeth Banks.  Aaron plays Bill, and unhappy banker married to bank president's daughter.  Elizabeth Banks is his unfaithful wife Jess.  Bill is constantly eating candy bars and dreaming about owning a donut franchise.  He yearns to breakaway from his father-in-law and the bank.  However, before he can get started, Bill is assigned to a mentoring program that includes a smart-mouthed kid who seems to show up when least expected. Worse yet, his wife has an affair with a local TV personality and even includes videos posted online.  So, Bill, the kid, and the kid's friend played by Jessica Alba are on a mission to win back Bill's wife.

A yawner for this movie viewer.  Hold this one for another time and definitely not for a first date.

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